Jason Wright

Random Fortune:


To pursue life's many intricacies with creativity, passion, and objectivity.

I'm a creative type engineer. I never stop learning, and love attaching myself to causes and visions. Let me help you make your vision a reality.


At ASU, I obtained my bachelor's in Creative Writing with a focus on Poetry. I regularly write, and publish my work to HelloPoetry.

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Personal Projects

Time & Invoice Tracking

SilverMast Password Locker
Team-based password manager intended for agency usage.

Unofficial Wheel of Time Character Compendium
Unofficial spoiler-free character compendium for the Wheel of Time book series. If you've read it, you know why this has to exist.

Internet scraper & lead generator

Political Winds
Keep track of your favorite (or least favorite) politicians

Simple and quick Planning Poker app.